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Competitive sports throughout the nation can be costly and the costs for one season for a competitive athlete can easily exceed $3500.00. The athletes work diligently to raise money throughout the season in addition to practicing two to four times a week while maintaining their grade point averages and keeping up with school projects and activities. Support is needed from the community, parents, and coaches who are dedicated to developing these athletes. Our athletes are highly committed and talented but many are unable to afford the cost of uniforms, competitions, tuition and travel expenses.

Please use the attached (2) sponsor forms to indicate your sponsorship type and level. Twenty percent of all donations go directly to the Omni Elite Foundation’s general fund to help fund scholarships, special events, awards and operating expenses for the foundation. The remaining eighty percent can go to the athlete of your choice, or it can be distributed among all foundation members.




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On behalf of the Omni Elite Foundation and its members, we extend a huge “thank you” for your contribution. It is our goal not only to support the sport of cheerleading and tumbling, but to provide our young athletes with confidence, promote community service and build friendships that last a lifetime!

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