School Cheer

School Cheer / Rec Cheer / University Cheer Training

When Storm All Stars opened in 2010, our primary focus was training school & rec cheerleaders and our success rate speaks for itself!

Our School Cheer Specific Classes are available year round!  Don't wait until a month before tryouts to work on your skills... because you will be too late!!  Click HERE to view our current schedule.

If you don't know which class would best fit the needs of your cheer candidate, feel free to contact us at 972-533-5989 or email [email protected]

School Cheer Team Training

Coaches!  Are you looking for a facility to help train your cheer team? Look no further!

Team training at Storm All Stars is very individualized.  School and recreational teams each have different agendas and different goals.  Our coaches use each team's goals to determine what type of training will be best for that specific team.

From game day or sideline material to training skills in tumbling, stunting, pyramids, jumps, pep rallies, etc... or working on cleaning up a routine... Some teams might want to work on everything or just one area.  We can provide your team with the appropriate coaching.

Contact Marisa Perry at 214-458-9256 or [email protected] for more information!

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