Cheer Prep Camps:



Come and sharpen your cheer skills for your Cheer season! Each session is different!

Stunting, Jumps, Choreography, Cheers and Tumbling. $50 Per session per person

(Dates will be released in April 2022)




Summer Clinics (Dates will be released in April 2022)

Tumble $25 per person/per session

Back Walkovers (Levels 1)


Back Handsprings (Level 2)


Back Handspring Tucks (Level 3)


Layouts and Standing Tucks (Level 4)


Fulls and Double Fulls (Level 5 & 6)




2022 Summer Cheer Camps for
School and Recreational Teams

Stunt Safety Camp
3 days/ 2hrs per day

This camp provides one on one instruction that will benefit the team by teaching the fundamentals of stunting.

The team will learn multiple partner stunt sequences and a pyramid that they will be able to showcase during their upcoming season.

Athletes will be taught exercises consistent to the sport of cheerleading, focusing on all over body strength.

We encourage the coaches to be involved as we will address legal and illegal stunts consistent with the USASF, AACCA and NFHS rule book.

*email for pricing

Choreography/ Routine Camp
3 days/ 3 hrs per day

Learn your school competitive routine for 2021/2022
Camp includes: Music with voice-overs (1:30)
Complete 2:30 routine with Cheer/ chant and music portion
**USASF, AACCA and NFHS rule books followed**

The benefit of team functions such as camps are to enhance the
“team experience” by consistently working together.
This builds trust, character, friendships and teaches commitment.